Padma Basic 180 Capsules
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Cardiovascular, Circulatory & Immune Support*

Padma Basic® contains 19 botanical ingredients, natural camphor and calcium sulfate to support healthy immune function, combat free radicals, and support cardiovascular and circulatory health. Based on a traditional “cooling” formula, Padma Basic® is used to combat areas of “heat.” The formula’s botanical ingredients are rich in active ingredients such as tannins, fl avonoids, polyphenols and essential oils which work synergistically to support immunity, antioxidant activity, circulation and cardiovascular function.*

Over 35 Years of Research & Clinical Support

More than 35 years of clinical, peer-reviewed research confi rms the unique benefi ts of Padma Basic®. Modern scientifi c studies continue to verify the multiple benefi ts of this ancient herbal formula to help people maintain vitality, immunity and overall wellness.*

Heart Health can Affect Men and Women Differently

Many men may benefit from healthy cholesterol and blood pressure support. On the other hand, many women may benefit from circulatory and micro-vascular support. In addition, after menopause, women may also need greater support for blood pressure, cholesterol and overall cardiovascular health.

Padma Basic® offers broad-spectrum support for multiple aspects of cardiovascular and circulatory health, benefitting men and women of all ages. *

History of the Formula

Padma Basic® is based on a traditional formula used in Tibetan monasteries. In the 1960s, Dr. Karl Lutz, a Senior Vice President at a Swiss pharmaceutical company, learned of the effectiveness of the formula from the Tibetan doctor who introduced the formula to Eastern Europe. Lutz’s “discovery” began extensive research on the properties and benefi ts of the formula that has continued for over three decades. Padma Basic® is still manufactured in Switzerland, and exclusively distributed in North America by ecoNugenics.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Padma Basic® is produced in Switzerland under strict conditions that exceed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as defi ned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Padma Basic 180 Capsules

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