Green Vibrance 1 KG
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There are a lot of ingredients in Green Vibrance: 73 in all. They were put together with care, in order to maximize the synergism among nutrients. The result delivers healthful nutritional support to the 11 body systems. Enjoy: More complete nutrition; a host of rare, scarce nutrients. Support for digestion and gastrointestinal function* Support for healthy circulation* More energy* Support for clearance of waste products of metabolism, detoxification* Support for neurological health* Support for cardiovascular function* Support for normal blood sugar and cholesterol* Support for immunity* Resistance to oxidative changes associated with aging* And some consumers swear they look younger Who can use Green Vibrance? In a word: EVERYONE! •Anyone pursuing optimal health •Menopausal and post-menopausal women •Athletes •Business Professionals •Children •Adults and Seniors •Pregnant and lactating women Concentrated Nutrition The ingredients in Green Vibrance were selected to support essential bodily functions without which life cannot be sustained. Cereal grass powders and juices (i.e. Certified organic, barley, oat, wheat, and Kamut) deliver virtually all known nutrients and several uncharacterized co-nutrients of great value. For example, cereal grasses contain a hidden "growth factor" that causes young animals to more rapidly develop, growing larger, stronger, and healthier with robust immune systems. Those same cereal grasses allow mature animals (and undoubtedly humans) to repair bodily tissues more quickly. Organic alfalfa sprouts, organic broccoli sprouts, organic spirulina, soft-cell chlorella, stabilized rice bran, organic beet juice, organic parsley, organic spinach, organic carrot, green bean, zucchini, and three sea vegetables enrich the nutrient density and diversity as the primary food ingredients in Green Vibrance.

Green Vibrance 1 KG

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